Crypto Represents Liberty

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent liberty and freedom, which is the original promise of America from the founding fathers. The blockchain will create millions of new jobs worldwide in the next coming decade and we want America to be at the center of the job creation.

Crypto Spendable Everywhere

We plan to install 50,000 crypto-enabled ATMs and point-of-sale terminals across the USA in alliance with the Nevada Blockchain Association, so people can spend their $500 billion dollars worth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies everywhere in the USA. This will bring more prosperity and wealth to the USA by creating lots of high-paying jobs.

U.S. can be Number 1 in Crypto

This is a golden opportunity to make the USA, the Number 1 in the world for Financial Technology and cryptocurrencies. Although many countries have now taken the lead, we hope by making cryptocurrencies spendable in coffee shops, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores, fashion boutiques, entertainment and fine restaurants will bring back the jobs, the capital and the innovation to the USA.

Join Us!

Join the U.S. Blockchain Association to help us take blockchain and your career to the next level!


The U.S. Blockchain Association (USBA) is a non-profit organization that works with sister organizations like the Nevada Blockchain Association to grow the $500 billion blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, Distributed Ledger Technologies, and consensus technologies.

The blockchain is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. The U.S. Blockchain Association is working with the Nevada Blockchain Association to grow the blockchain market further by making cryptocurrencies spendable everywhere. This will be done by installing 50,000 cryptocurrency-enabled ATM and point-of-sales terminals across the USA in coffee shops, shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, retailers and more.


The mission of the USBA is to use blockchain technology for the good of humanity and for the good of our planet, including fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to overcome poverty and to create a sustainable world.

Through education, advocacy, installing cryptocurrency-enabled ATMs and point-of-sale terminals, as well as working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and the industry, we hope to take blockchain technology to the next level.