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New Key Advisor Selected By U.S. Blockchain Association; International Network of Associations Expanding

River Jangda of, Dr. Robin Kiera of and Wannipha Crypto Jen (Crypto Jen) Buakaew a top female influencer signs-on to formally advise the U.S. Blockchain Association to promote Blockchain and bring forward Cryptocurrencies technologies to the masses, while several international Blockchain and civic organizations recently join the group in humanitarian solidarity.

25 July 2018, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. – The U.S. Blockchain Association (U.S.B.A.), a non-profit trade association headquartered in California, U.S.A., announces that River Jangda, Dr. Robin Kiera, and Wannipha Crypto Jen (Crypto Jen) Buakaew as Advisors to the U.S.B.A.

Team Advisor Named with International Associations and Organizations Joined:

River Jangda – Advisor of the U.S. Blockchain Association: For the past six years, River has assisted startups to succeed through internet marketing, e-commerce, and strategic business consulting. He has built his own companies, at-first by starting an apparel e-commerce brand while in college financed by his winning a collegiate business plan competition with the company being sold in 2016. Most recently, River founded, a marketing agency focused on helping Blockchain companies to craft and build real, sustainable, long-term online communities. In addition, River enjoys advising on all aspects of marketing strategy, having worked with successful projects like: Agora, Iris, BlitzPredict, Akash, and Veridium. To-date, he has assisted clients to raise a collective $100-million.

Dr. Robin Kiera – Advisor of the U.S. Blockchain Association. Robin Kiera is an Insurtech and Digital Transformation expert, speaker and author. Born and raised in Germany with a doctorate in history and over 10 year experience in traditional companies as well as start-ups he chose to devote himself to digital change. He combines experience in leading large transformation projects in the insurance industry with a deep understanding of digital products and business models. His passion lies in challenging the status quo to implement tailor-made solutions in the digital age. Robin shares his experiences and knowhow as key-note speaker, panelist and moderator around the world. He has published articles in blogs and books. He is one of the leading influencers on insurtech and fintech in Europe – always looking for the next big thing. See also his site

Wannipha Crypto Jen (Crypto Jen) BuakaewAdvisor of the U.S. Blockchain Association. Leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets. While advising a number of blockchain projects including DRAGON (2nd largest ICO to-date with $320 mil USD raised), and the most recent -Solve.Care (hard cap successfully achieved). Jen is also on The New Money Systems Board- Lifeboat foundation alongside high profile individuals such as Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee. Known as Crypto Jen, one of the most highly regarded female crypto/blockchain influencers in the world.

Associations and Organizations that Joined: the following associations and organizations have joined to lend support for collective approaches to the missions presented by the U.S. Blockchain Association includes: Blockchain Association of Eurasia, Lifeboat Foundation, Association Blockchain Georgia, Civic, Aircoins, Portuguese Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association, and Armenian Blockchain Association.

The Board Members of the U.S. Blockchain Association shares, “As with those already selected to serve within our group, Mr. River Jangda, Dr. Robin Kiera of and Ms. Wannipha Crypto Jen (Crypto Jen) Buakaew was asked to Advise us at this critical juncture in time because of his commitment to sustainable commerce principles, his current service to the Blockchain and Crypto communities, and his uplifting energy, skills, and educated experiences. We thank all of them for his contributions thus far and welcome this fine contributor to our well-cultured team. Additionally, we are grateful to the greater communities of international Blockchain associations and related civic organizations who have recently signed an Agreement to work with us as Partners at this momentous time on the planet.”

About the U.S. Blockchain Association

 The U.S. Blockchain Association is a non-profit Trade Association serving the Blockchain industry across the U.S.A., with a focus on fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Association is working to establish local Chapters in cities and states to support bringing Crypto to the masses, to overcome poverty, advocate for social justice, and create an eco-friendly and sustainable world by fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Association is planning to support and assist in the financing, installation and operation of 50,000 Cryptocurrency-enabled ATMs and point-of-sale terminals (units) to be located across America.

The Association’s Global Cryptocurrency Payment System (GCPS) is expected to be designed to be able to handle transactions for users, worldwide. One key strategy of the association to bring jobs and capital to America, is to make Cryptocurrencies spendable everywhere, including at: restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, shopping malls, fashion boutiques, farmers markets, tourist attractions, grocery stores, casinos, hotels, donut shops, schools, and more.

Contact Information for U.S. Blockchain Association:

Please contact the association for parties interested in having their Cryptocurrency listed on the exchange/ATM/POS ecosystem.

Phone: +1 (702) 747-9208