Seeking to catalyze the blockchain industry in the USA and around the world.



Interested in joining us as a partner? We are looking to partner up with governments, associations, organizations, and companies that want to support the blockchain industry.

Cooperate on some or more of the following categories:

  • Co-create events, hackathons, and conferences
  • Logo/brand promotion through our websites & other media
  • Become a speaker time at events
  • Get discounts on tickets to conferences & workshops
  • Share resources
  • Build alliances



The U.S. Blockchain Association wishes to form strategic partnerships with government bodies and regulators to inform each other of developments in the blockchain industry, as well as to create jobs and to bring investments to the USA.


The U.S. Blockchain Association Association wishes to form strategic with members of the blockchain industry to cooperate with one another to develop the blockchain market, to share resources, and educate stakeholders on the benefits of using blockchain technology.


The U.S. Blockchain Association is working with the NevadaBlockchain Association to make cryptocurrencies spendable in casinos,, gaming and entertainment industries, The U.S. Blockchain Association wishes to form strategic with leading gaming and entertainment companies to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their offerings.


There are an estimated 10 million non-profit organizations worldwide employing hundreds of millions of people. The U.S. Blockchain Association wishes to work with non-profit organizations in using blockchain for good, including creating a new category of tokens called “Charity Tokens” that are not for investment and not categorized as securities. The main purpose of the Charity Tokens is to benefit humanity, including creating green energy, overcoming poverty and creating a sustainable world.


The U.S. Blockchain Association wishes to work with currency exchanges to help projects in the USA become more successful, get listed and also to develop cross exchange interoperability. Also, one of the goals of the USBA is also to help the Nevada Blockchain Association to develop their own blockchain exchange under the guidance of regulators.


The U.S. Blockchain Association wishes to work with other blockchain associations, coalitions and groups to expand the blockchain market.